April 2021


Collaboration on the development of a Report focused on Storage and Solar Hybridization on PV plants for an Iberian major energy utility.


This report covers a detailed analysis of the impact of Storage on PV Plants on the Iberian Market, including:

  1. Market background on ancillary services in Portugal and Spain: including market characteristics and description as well as historical prices and trends, key players in the ancillary services markets and commercial arrangements
  2. Regulation and energy policy on storage and hybridization processes in Portugal and Spain: including a summary of the regulatory framework as well as the main legislative documents, the government bodies involved and an overview of the energy-related taxes, key permitting processes together with the main bodies involved, key deadlines and milestones and required guarantees, and announced regulatory changes and potential impact on the business model of storage assets in Iberia (e.g. European projects as TERRE, MARI, IGCC, PICASSO)
  3. Projections: including costs for different battery sizes, wholesale price projections for the day-ahead and intraday markets, ancillary services price projections, supply and demand curves snapshots for the day-ahead market, and an overview of the impacts of future market developments. As part of this delivery, hourly wholesale price projections for Portugal and/or Spain have been quoted (offered in per weather pattern basis, to adapt to the Client’s needs)
  4. Storage activation: including operational patterns under different set-ups given by the Client varying battery specifications (rated power and storage capacity), solar park location and size and collocated wind farm size, activation per market and an hourly analysis for selected periods