Energy Sector

Sector energético - energy


  • Opportunity Analysis and M&A
  • New Infrastructure Development
  • Commercial Consultancy
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Development of Efficient Supply Solutions
  • Analysis and Integral Development of Opportunities
  • LNG market
  • Road and Maritime Transport Application
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Arbitrations and Technical Experts
  • Facilities Audit
  • Asset Valuation
  • Technical and Commercial Support to transport, distribution and Commercialization activities.
  • Integral Asset Management.
  • Potential Market Research.
  • Transport and Distribution Infrastructure Engineering.
  • Purchasing Support and Project Activation, Supervision and Procurement
panel solar - energy

ARBRO offers, as a distinctive characteristic, its capacity to provide services for all technologies (Solar Thermal, Biomass, Solar Photovoltaic, Wind, Hydraulic and Electrical Infrastructure).

    • Opportunities analysis and M&A
    • Development of new projects
      • Production simulation
      • Specialized reports
    • Market consultancy
      • Backup at license management, construction and operation phases
    • Technical and commercial Due Diligence
      • Specialized Engineering
      • Backup and tracking at construction and commissioning phases
      • Operation and maintenance phases’ control
    • Development of new Technological Solutions
      • Extension of lifespan
      • Energy storage
      • Hybrid solutions
energia - energy

The Energy Audit is for ARBRO a integrated study of all aspects, both technical and economic, that directly or indirectly affect the consumption of different energies in a facility. Therefore its objective is to establish a package of reforms or improvements aimed at a rational use of energy.

These improvements shall not imply a decrease of the quality of the services provided, productivity or habitability of the installation, and may even lead to additional improvements in these aspects.

    1. First of all, a diagnosis of the installation from the point of view of energy efficiency is established.
    2. And, as a result of this, to define a justified list of energy saving measures (MAE’ s) and improvements aimed at a more rational use of energy.
energy - energia

Selection of the most suitable solution for te Client based on cost criteria (explotation, investment, O&M, more flexibility of negotiation with the supplier), reliability and supply guarantee.


  • Services for suppliers
  • Energy Use Management for the final customer.
  • Commercial Consultancy
  • Technical Consultancy
  1. Optimisation of the current contractual situation (powers, hourly periods, reactive energy, measuring equipment), in order to achieve the lowest electricity cost with the same energy consumption.
  2. Administrative procedures, regulatory inspections and updates of electrical installations bulletins (BIE) and third party access to the network (ATR).
  3. Undertaking of Project specifications for supply tenders with the objective of improving negotiating capacity, aimed to achieve the best possible conditions.
  • Technical and Commercial Due Diligence (Buyer or Seller)
  • Potencial Market Studies
  • Analysis of the Regulatory Impact
  • Asset Integration

ARBRO has proven experience in analysing business opportunities in the power generation, gas and electricity transportation and distribution sector.

The model allows the Client to have a support for project development based on the optimization and customization of solutions.

Objectives in support of a M&A

  • Review assets integrity (status costs, design, construction, capacity, manteinance, etc.) and indetify potencial key problems
  • Understand the market, regulated and commercial transactions related to the assets
  • Focus on the efficiency capital investment processes, the design/planning network, work management and capital cost related to the potential asset expansion
  • Review of potential projects under costruction, already authorized or in a advanced sytage of approval

The generation of value for the customer from ARBRO focuses on the search for opportunities and support for development.

Market Consultancy

ARBRO develops Potential Market Reports to analyse the economical feasibility of a gas or electrical generation infrastructure expansion project on a determined geographical area.

Based on the customer’s requirements, the report is oriented towards a specifically identified target market, based on the proximity of this potential target customers to the existing gas transport and gas distribution facilities, as well as on the economical and technical feasibility of the required investment in order to the construction of the assets to guarantee the correct supply of natural gas.

The whole documentation provided to the customer allows to set the path to be followed for the optimal design of the network and define the most adequate investment phases in order to quantify the expected payback on each of them.

Specialized Technical Consultancy

In ARBRO, we are specialized in the generation of taylor-made services, adjusting ourselves to the customer’s requirements.

Meanwhile, we count on a wide range of Technical Assistance Services that will breed a significant value to the customer.

  • New products and services design and development.
  • Support for the implementation and integration of new activities.
  • Outsourceable services management via a collaborative co-sourcing.
  • New procedure and specification design in order to get an increase of the efficiency and productivity.
  • Capex/Opex matrix management and cost analysis.
  • Design of efficiency improvement solutions at different activities.

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