Our colleague Adriana Merino Jaime has presented at the Faculty of Science of the Autonomous University of Madrid the work “New challenges for the improvement and optimization of the process of anaerobic digestion of pig slurry. Computational model of simulation of reaction system bietapa”, scientific article that is part of her final project of Master. The work has been directed by Carlos Iturregui Arranz and Carlos Fueyo Salazar, directors of the company Arbro Consulting S.L., and with great experience in the energy and environmental sector.

The work consists of the integration of the multiple and complex reactions for the formation of biogas in two stages; an initial thermophilic type with a PFR reactor of 500 m3, and a second mesophilic type with an ACR reactor of 1500 m3, with a 20% flow recirculation from a settler.

The mathematical model is complete, considering the introduction of pretreatments, co-digestions, variations in the PH, temperature, pressure, chemical kinetics and inhibition.

The results obtained are fully satisfactory, and the program is a great help for any sizing of new installations, modification, improvement and updating of existing ones, as well as the calibration of the necessary actions for the optimization of biogas production from a certain amount of substrate.




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