Nabil Mohamed BenGlaw

Architectural Design Technology & Mechanical Engineering.

North Africa and Middle East. Senior Partner.


Nabil has more than 15 years of experience in Architectural Field within the UK and North Africa. During these years Nabil has developed totally of completed 317 residential private and public projects, two hospitals, nine commercial and mix used Projects in Europe, North Africa and Asia.

Through his day-to-day Project Management and ongoing work supporting construction site projects, Nabil has involved with a number of turnkey projects in different countries such as England, Libya, India and UAE:

  • Nabil worked for Libyan Emirates Holding Limited, being the biggest project in Libya at this moment.
  • Nabil completed the work of architectural design for TOTAL Oil French Company in Dat Al-Emad towers in Tripoli considering all the regulation, health and safety policy to meet the international standard.
  • Nabil was working for the LCHIM Libya holding a position of development and project management director at the company (one of the biggest Libyan government companies belongs to ENMA FUND).
  • Nabil has also been consulting with Libyan British private consulting company specialist in Oil & Gas sector in Tripoli Libya.
  • Nabil has been involved in a number of tender (Gas cylinder) presented a private local company with a cooperation with National Oil Corporation Libya (NOC).