Casillas Peraita

Senior Consultant


Mercedes has more than 21 years of experience in Oil & Gas related projects from initial concept to final detailed design. She has leaded many projects both in Spain and in Latin America.

She has extensive knowledge and specialization in the areas of design, project implementation, processing, planning, economic control, network and infrastructure construction activities, while having a large global vision of the sector and knowledge of companies involved in the world of energy.

Likewise, she has acquired extensive experience in the comprehensive management of engineering projects for both linear works and land infrastructures and in the knowledge of new energies, working for BOSLAN as chief of Oil & gas projects division.

Regarding purchasing and procurement processes, she has focused on reviewing the integrity of assets (condition, design, construction, capacity and maintenance costs) and identifying potential key aspects: knowledge of the Spanish al Latin American electricity and gas systems, review of the suitability of assets and their operation, analysis of investment processes, design and planning of networks, comparison of market standards and review of projects under construction, authorized or in an advanced stage of processing.

With the experience she acquired in Spain, she moved to Mexico to lead several departments, among which infrastructure development stands out. Her last job in the American continent before joining Arbro has been as deputy director of the Samalayuca-Sásabe gas pipeline project in Mexico. There, Mercedes has overseen reviewing contracts for both suppliers and subcontractors, monitoring and managing Government Permits and Authorizations, as well as monitoring the planning of the work and its economic control.

Mercedes joined ARBRO as Senior Consultant, carrying out consultancy projects related to:

  • Due Diligence of Gas and Electricity Assets.
    Integration of new technologies in decarbonization projects.
    Design of business models for natural gas transportation and infrastructure development.
    Preparation of reports on new business opportunities in the gas and energy field.
    Logistics in the supply of LNG and access to storage and plant capacities.

Likewise, Mercedes has collaborated in several photovoltaic and wind projects related to renewable energy, focused on obtaining permits, market studies and project feasibility.