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ciclo integral del agua

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Ciclo integral del agua - Water

ARBRO presents the distinctive feature of the ability to provide services for all technologies (supply, sanitation, treatment, water energies, irrigation).

We provide a global service to the Clients. From the initial conception of any type of project related to the integral water cycle, until it is in operation with excellent results.



  • Planning Studies
  • Infrastructures management
  • Engineering and technical consultancy
  • Training in infrastructures management
  • Follow constuction and operation
  • Control and Optimization for operation and maintenance

ciclo integral del agua

Ciclo Integral del Agua - Water

ARBRO has international experience in countries like Sweden, Germany, Italy, Libya, Vietnam, being profesional of the staff advisors of Engineering and EPC contractors.

Over those15 years, the effectiveness of the multiple solutions proposed by ARBRO with different clients profile has been demonstrated, optimizing technology and processes.



  • Water Suplly Treatment Plants (WTP)
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP)
  • Leak detection, filtrations and infrastructure renovation
  • Studies of technological solutions (filtration, coagulation, flocculation, decantation, pumping, anaerobic respiration, aeration, extraction …)
  • Irrigation uses
  • Flooding studies
  • Industrial uses for water in processes
  • Implementation of smart management systems
  • Integration and Signals Studies
  • Guarantees for installations and operational for start up after auditing, focused on insurance companies
  • Social, Cucltural and recreational uses of water

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