medio ambiente - environment


Medio ambiente. Environment

In ARBRO we contribute to the development of our clients’ projects, offering an integral service.

ARBRO presents as a distinctive feature the level of detail in the hybridization of the projects, combining renewable energies with fossil energies and “waste to energy” systems.

ARBRO offers a global service to its Clients. From the birth of any type of project related to the environment, until its end.


  • Operations feasibility studies
  • Optimized investment plans for existing installations
  • Technical office and engineering
  • Looking for qualified technological equipment suppliers worldwide
  • Commissioning
  • Optimal process control and improvement control


We have national and international experience in countries such as Romania, Libya and Vietnam, being advisors of engineering and local companies in their facilities.

We have incorporated ingenious solutions into the existing ones which have been proven to be very effective.

  • Special Impact Studies and Due Diligence
  • Studies of technological solutions (glass, plastic, paper and cardboard, organic, metals, oils, other…)
  • Biomethanization
  • Horizontal and vertical pyrolysis
  • Gasification
  • Bioethanol
  • Hybridization of technologies for optimum use depending on local situations
  • Awareness and participation

The environment is not a cost. It’s an opportunity.

These companies trust in ARBRO Team / Environment

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