Renewable Energies


At ARBRO we contribute to the development of our clients’ projects, offering a comprehensive service.

ARBRO‘s distinctive feature is its ability to provide services for all technologies (Biogas, Green Hydrogen, Solar PV, Wind, Hydraulic and Electrical Infrastructure).

ARBRO provides a global service to its customers. From the initial conception of any type of project related to renewable energies, until its production.

  • Feasibility studies.
  • Permit management.
  • Technical office.
  • Valuation of Engineering.
  • Support and monitoring of the construction and start-up phases.
  • Control of the Operation and Maintenance phases.

ARBRO‘s in-depth knowledge of the renewable energy market enables it to offer :

  • Specialization in the development of projects from scratch, being in charge of the promotion in an integral way.
  • Specialization in finding opportunities and projects for brownfield or greenfield investors.
  • Specialization in decision making tools.
  • Business Plans.
  • Support in the processes of permit management, construction and operation.
  • Support in the management of PPAs
  • Technical support in all phases of the project.
  • Studies of useful life and valuation of assets.

ARBRO has developed a platform with the main developers, technologists and specifiers to provide them technical and financial assistance in the achievement of Renewable Energy projects in Asia, Europe and Latin America

  • The platform developed by ARBRO consists of assisting the main Players (investors, developers, technologists and specifiers) of Energy for the achievement of Energy projects.
  • In this way, ARBRO has formalized agreements with the main renewable energy developers, providing professional technical, commercial and/or financial advice, from an early stage of the projects

We establish medium and long-term partnerships with developers, owners, managers and investors by providing high value-added services, working with them to create successful renewable energy projects.

  • Buy & Sell
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Development
  • EPC Solutions
  • Advice to Management Committee
  • PPA – Power Purchase Agreements
  • Full Technical and Business Assitance
  • Partnership with #1 Legal Advisors

At ARBRO we have extensive experience in the management of renewable energy projects, from the first negotiations between the different parties involved to the start-up or operation and maintenance contract.

For this purpose, ARBRO has a highly specialized team in technical and business consulting, incorporating reliable external legal advisors, leaders in the energy sector.

Added value provided by ARBRO :

  • Contracts with major renewable energy developers (based on strict procurement requirements);
  • Formalised collaboration contracts with leading renewable energy technologists and specifiers (photovoltaic and wind);
  • Direct relationship with the national and international financial world (investment banks, funds, etc.);
  • Strong experience in structuring complex operations (financial and/or tax);
  • Experienced multidisciplinary team, both in technical and financial engineering;
  • Consultancy/Engineering, managed with the support of Arbro, associated for project analysis;
  • Solutions for the dilution of risks, ensuring a diversified professional portfolio (countries, developers, energies, etc.) and mechanisms to mitigate the potential risks of renewable energy projects Among others, all our projects have at least :
    • In-depth feasibility study carried out by the developer;
    • Feasibility study by an independent third party
    • Binding offer to buy (Put Option) at a minimum price;
    • ARBRO professional team and contacts;
    • Similarly, in the hypothetical case that a project is not feasible, ARBRO undertakes to seek a similar project or a project with greater production capacity.
    • Support from Legal Services specialized in commercial aspects (acquisition and sale of shares in SPVs), support in aspects of processing and permits, management of land rights and legal due diligence in renewable energy M&A processes.

For ARBRO, decarbonization actions are focused on four basic pillars :

  • Energy efficiency and saving measures;
  • CO2 Capture, Use and Storage;
  • Use of Hydrogen as fuel;
  • Use of carbon-free energy sources :
      • Biogas;
      • Biomethane;
      • Synthetic Methane (natural gas).

The collaboration in the development of ARBRO‘s decarbonization projects is fundamentally based on its support in the definition and particularization of the measures to be considered in the Action Plan for each specific installation, from the conceptual selection of each individual solution to its economic evaluation, including the integration in the whole and the selection of potential measures and actors that may allow the financing of the project.

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