Corporate Finance


Our sectorial experience and local knowledge, demonstrated by our team’s many years of experience, allows us to address the integrated strategies and services that our clients need in transactional processes.

Integrated Transaction Solutions cover the processes of mergers and acquisitions, as well as the synergies of business restructuring, and individualized solutions for each case.

We help our clients to successfully execute a transaction, whether it is the purchase or sale of a company or business, and to generate value through their processes of acquisition, merger, financing, divestment and/or restructuring.

The professionals of ARBRO CONSULTING work together with our clients to develop the appropriate strategy before each operation, identifying key aspects and critical points of negotiation, and being able to evaluate and implement strategies to take advantage of synergies and improvements after a transaction.

In ARBRO Consulting, through our team of professionals, advise our clients on the transactional processes, thus improving the execution process of the purchase and sale and minimizing the risks of complex transactions.

Our experienced professionals work hand to hand with you and will help you maximize the price of your purchase or sell.

  • Acquisitions
  • Divestments
  • Mergers
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Joint-ventures
  • Shareholder restructurings

Objectives in M&A Support

  • Review the assets integrity (condition, costs, design, construction, capacity and maintenance mainly) and identify the potential key issues.
  • Understand the market and the regulated and commercial transactions related to the involved assets.
  • Focus on the efficiency of the capital investment problems, analyzing the design and planning networks, work management plans and the cost of capital related to potential asset expansion.
  • Review of potential projects under construction, already authorized or in an advanced stage of approval.

Assistance in the preparation of documentation related to the transaction (information memorandum, teasers, NBOs…), preparation and review of financial statements and business plans and post-transaction services.

Due Diligence operations allows us to advise and assist our clients throughout the process of structuring a transaction, in the negotiation of contracts and in the subsequent monitoring of the investment made in relation to all those aspects agreed at the time of purchase.

Our Due Diligence advice includes a wide diversity of situations, ranging from those aspects whose objective is fundamentally to “check” the information available to the investor, to those whose main objective is the analysis of this information, both from the seller’s and the buyer’s side, as well as for corporate clients and private equity funds.

  • Determination and performance of analysis tasks for legal, regulatory, tax and / or financial due diligence as well as technical, commercial and / or market.
  • Data room analysis with experienced specialists, able to recognize risks and critical data for the transaction in an efficient and expeditious way.
  • Clear determination of the object of study by areas of activity, which avoids the same subject being analyzed repeatedly by several professionals.
  • Preparation of reports that integrate all areas of activity, through a uniform format agreed with the client.
  • Accurate reporting, emphasizing essential risks, on relevant information for setting the purchase price and on circumstances requiring immediate action before and after conclusion of the purchase.

Our job is to understand, advise and resolve the complexities of the transaction process. ARBRO CONSULTING, as independent advisors, creates value by analyzing the company, business and/or assets, managing risk appropriately and advising on regulatory issues that arise.

  • Technical, Commercial, Regulatory and Financial Due Diligences
  • Vendor Due Diligences
  • Assistance in the preparation of information memoranda in sales processes
  • Advice on SPA economic clauses
  • Preparation and management of both physical and virtual Data Rooms
  • Post-transaction services
  • Preparation and review of business plans


  • Advice on Refinancing
  • Advice on Refinance and Restructuring processes
  • Advice on the search for financing
  • Recapitalizations
  • Optimization of the debt structure
  • Acquisition financing
  • Financing of expansion projects or structured financing

Customized Financing and Development Solutions

We provide flexible ad-hoc solutions, financially designed to address the specific needs of our partners.

  • Capital injections / Development capital
  • Financing for construction
  • Hybrid Financing (Equity and Debt)
  • Financing for development
  • FC monetization strategies
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Alternative financial solutions for different project phases

What is the value of your company, asset or business? How to increase the value of a company? What is the best strategic option to follow?

ARBRO’s financial team offers advice on the valuation process, its measurement and the analysis of the best Strategic Options for the maximization of your interests.

We have a team of experts with more than 15 years of experience who provide the methodologies and strategic approaches that best suit each business, applying from the most traditional to the most avant-garde techniques.


  • Valuations of companies, businesses and intangible assets directly or indirectly related to possible transactions between shareholders and investors.
  • Valuations for financial reporting purposes derived from the application of accounting standards (Impairment Test, Purchase Price Allocation, etc.).
  • Valuations for tax, legal or management issues.
  • Independent Expert Works.
  • Assistance in the development and review of financial economic models for public and private entities.
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