Technical & Financial Consultancy

Technical &
Financial Consultancy

ARBRO has proven experience in the analysis of business opportunities.

Arbro’s model allows the client to have an integral support for the development of projects based on the optimization and particularization of the solutions.

Objectives in the analysis of opportunities:

  • Review of the integrity of assets (costs of design, construction, capacity or maintenance among others) and identification of potential key issues.
  • Understanding of the market, regulated and commercial operations related to the assets.
  • Centralization of the efficiency of capital investment processes, network design/planning, work management and the cost of capital related to the expansion potential of your assets.
  • Review of future projects, projects under construction (already authorized or in an advanced stage of approval).

The main actions carried out are as follows:

  • Commercial Studies (Seller or Buyer)
  • Market Studies
  • Regulatory Impact Analysis
  • Integration of Assets (financial and technical synergies)
  • Expert Studies

For ARBRO, the Energy Audit is a comprehensive study of all aspects, both technical and economic, that directly or indirectly affect the consumption of the different energies in an installation or asset, with the aim of establishing a rational set of reforms or improvements focused on a rational use of energy.

These improvements must not lead to a decrease in the quality of the services provided, in the productivity or in the habitability of the installation, and may even lead to additional improvements in these aspects.

The process of conducting an energy audit is divided into two parts

  1. Firstly, a diagnosis of the installation is done from an energy efficiency point of view.
  2. As a result, a justified list of energy saving measures (MAE’s) and improvements aimed at a more rational use of energy is defined.

In a first approach, the proposed view for the definition of Energy Saving Measures (“ESMs”) is done as follows :

  • Reduce energy demand by increasing energy efficiency;
  • Study of the situation of existing equipment and the possibility of greater efficiency (newer turbines with lower energy expenditure).
  • Review existing gas consumption and see if this can be adjusted for greater efficiency (less consumption less CO2 emission).
  • Analyse the integration of new MEAs as a consequence of the implementation of new technologies in the project.

Regulatory support

The knowledge of the current regulatory framework of different sectors is a priority for ARBRO CONSULTING, being able to offer its clients an optimal service customized to their needs.

ARBRO offers regulatory analysis services, assistance in arbitration and technical expertise based on its extensive experience and understanding of both Spanish and European regulations.

Likewise, ARBRO develops analyses of the impact of regulatory changes on the agents involved in the different markets, with a recognized expertise in the energy sector.

Arbitrations and Technical Experts

Since 1958, when the recognition of arbitral awards was allowed to settle disagreements, it has become a valid and safe alternative to the judicial apparatus, which, due to its slowness, sometimes generates damages to the different parties.

In this way, ARBRO offers a service of Technical Experts to defend the rights of its clients in any type of procedure, both judicial and arbitration.

In the development of Arbitration and Technical Expert proceedings, ARBRO, based on its extensive experience, seeks objective elements of assessment that may vary according to the characteristics of each case, and whose objective must always be to obtain elements of judgment on which to base the expert’s arguments.

ARBRO, taking into account its proven know-how, offers its clients an extensive catalogue of development and technical-commercial support services, the main services being:

  • Technical support to companies in the analysis of market opportunities and presence in M&A processes.
  • Supervision and valuation in all phases of the development of New Infrastructures.
  • Technical and Commercial Consulting Services.
  • Promotion of value-added activities.
  • Comprehensive management solutions and optimization of the use of available resources.
  • Carrying out Technical and Commercial Due Diligence projects (buy side and sell side).
  • Assistance in the development of PPAs.
  • Project feasibility studies.

In ARBRO we assist our clients in the development of their business plans from the birth of the idea to its completion, including an operation management plan.

We also offer extensive advice on networking and knowledge management as a result of ARBRO‘s years of experience.

The development of the plans carried out by ARBRO is divided into the following stages :

  • Definition of the product or service to be developed
  • Carrying out an analysis of the market and the competition with the aim of identifying both the opportunities for the development of the proposal and its risks and weaknesses.
  • Development of an implementation plan for the new products or services based on the technological means available
  • Establishment of strategic alliances, marketing and sales plans
  • Design of a business model and a financial plan based on different scenarios
  • Execution of a Management Plan for the operation, once the marketing of the new product or service has begun

At ARBRO we carry out studies to analyse the economic viability of projects for the generation, transport and distribution of gas and electricity infrastructures, carrying out, in the same way, the complete development of projects, highlighting :

Specialized technical assistance

  • Support for the implementation and integration of new activities
  • Management of outsourceable services through collaborative co-sourcing

Business Consulting

  • Cost analysis and management of the Capex/Opex matrix

Training and development of specialized products

  • Design of specifications and procedures based on improving efficiency and productivity
  • Design of tailor-made solutions to increase the efficiency and profitability of the activities

Comprehensive asset management systems

  • Balance sheet management of costs, opportunities and risks of the assets under consideration
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