Fernández Salgado

Executive Partner


Chema has a wide experience as responsible for specification and procurement of materials, contractor selection, construction management, estimating, bidding, and negotiations with owner and third-party. Furthermore, he has supported industrial and financial investors in technical, commercial and regulatory DD, mainly in the Energy sector.

In the buyer side, he has worked on renewable assets in Spain (solar PV plants and wind farms), natural gas transmission and distribution business for Endesa inter alia. Whereas in the seller side, he has driven transmission and distribution gas assets in Spain and Portugal, solar PV plants and wind farms among others.

Related to Mergers and Acquisition processes, his participation has been focused on reviewing assets integrity (including condition, design, construction, capacity and maintenance costs) and potential key issues identification: understanding of the Energy Sector in Spain, including the market, regulated and commercial operations related to the assets; analysis of the capital investment process, network design/planning, work management and capital cost efficiency related to assets’ potential expanding; and reviewing of potential projects under construction, already authorized or in an advanced approval stage.

Chema’s main areas of specialization are:

  • Mechanical Engineering: Oil & Gas facilities and infrastructures Design, Construction and Operation.
  • Regulation: projects feasibility, support in regulatory lobby (renewable, transmission, distribution and commercialization, etc.), definition of regulatory frameworks for regulator entities, adjustment of processes and systems to regulatory requirements, etc.
  • Renewable generation: business plan review, technological support, regulatory analysis, project development, construction, procurement and permitting, investment opportunities, etc.
  • Natural Gas trading, commercialization, transmission, distribution and transport: regulatory analysis, evaluation of investment opportunities, support in gas contract negotiations and arbitration procedures